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The BOLLBOT GPS 1.1 is our reliable and profitable robot for Binary Options directly in the MT4 platform. It was built with   "filtered" indicators (mainly Bollinger Bands and ATR) with  algorithms that keep the performance in volatility session or flat sessions at 75 % ITM avg results. 

The bot will give you few orders in the day but very accuracy when did. 

The TimeFrame is 15 minutes with expiration reccomended of 15 minutes too, but you can adjust to less or more expiration time if  you like, as well as the amount to trade ( US$10 by default), the number of bars after an order to start a new one, the days of the week to trade, the number of slipages and audible signal with voice when an new order is made.

The price is for use in 90 consecutive days since the activation in your MT4 account and will work ONLY in the account and Server indicated.

The pairs recommended are EURUSD / GBPUSD / AUSUSD and USDCAD.

The BOT will be sending with the TEMPLATE that include indicators to work, and INTRUCTIONS FOR EASY INSTALL in MT4.

The BO BROKERS with MT4 recommended are: SOLIDARY MARKETS, NOAFX and Core Liquidity.


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